New toy!

I finally bought a camera! Get ready for a snap-happy blogger! 😀

I brought it to work to show people…

Me:  Look at my camera!  Isn’t it awesome?!
Coworker:  You bought it b/c it’s red.
Me:  Yep.


Proud new owner….

of Ssekos!  Go get a pair!

Toasts? Advice?

Writing a toast for my sis and Sean for their wedding this weekend!  Crazy!  Anyone have any advice?  (Kiwi – no one can ever beat “Twas the Night Before the Wedding”!)

Is this thing on?

Must start blogging again.  Otherwise my audience of 5 will be beside themselves! 😉

A Wonderful Christmas Present

Sean’s mom gave me a CRAZY amount of yarn!  An overflowing banana box and four bags full!!!  EXCITEMENT!

Books read in 2009

525,600 minutes
525,000 moments so dear
525,600 minutes
How do you measure, measure a year?

How about….. BOOKS! 😀 (mostly out of sheer laziness, don’t want to write about my year)

Breathing New Life into Faith; Dahlstrom, Richard
The Shack; Young, William
The Winter’s Tale; Shakespeare, William

Persepolis; Satrapi, Marjorie
Black Boy; Wright, Richard

Girl Meets God; Winner, Lauren

Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao; Diaz, Junot
Ballistics; Collins, Billy

Without You; Rapp, Anthony
Angry Conversations with God; Isaacs, Susan

Till We Have Faces; Lewis, C.S.

Persepolis 2; Satrapi, Marjorie
Velvet Elvis; Bell, Rob
Unaccustomed Earth; Lahiri, Jhumpa
Netherland; O’Neill, Joseph
The Last Family in England; Haig, Matt

Honeymoon in Tehran; Moaveni, Azadeh
Dead Fathers Club; Haig, Matt
Big Russ and Me; Russert, Tim
Holidays on Ice; Sedaris, David
Mudhouse Sabbath; Winner, Lauren
The Star-Spangled Girl; Simon, Neil

Vital Friends; Rath, Tom

Death Be Not Proud; Gunther, John

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years; Miller, Don
My Sergei; Gordeeva, Ekaterina

This makes me happy at work

Asking the Microsoft Office Assistant to “Do a trick.”  My default assistant is a dog.  It is fun.